this isnt a show - this is my fucking life;;

;;im not ashamed youre entertained

Flavor of Lena
6 May 1985
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listen up cause im only tellin you this once. im not a bedtime story lady so pay attention.

a little starstruck&a little insane. a vicious fusion of punk & glam. american beauty. angry young& poor. apathetic &jaded. batteries not included. beautiful alone. binge drinker. cheap thrill. chrome bitch. cynical. dainty socialite. distorted body image [[5'8+platforms. 32a/b-28-33]]. DIRRTY. drop a name& break a heart.eurotrash. flattery will get you everywhere. fuck that; fight back; live for the moment. girls with tattoos are bad news. grammar nazi. guestlisted. gwendustrial. haute shit. headstrong. heartless cunt. hellraiser. heroinE. ill rebel to anything (as long as it isnt challenging). im with the band. image heavy. impulsive &anxious. ITS ALL ABOUT THE ANAL. jager girl. je ne sais quoi. kinderwhore. lecher bitch. like a deadsy song; pretty but somethings always wrong. manipulative. MERCH GIRL EXTRAORDINAIRE. model. my love is a razorblade kiss. narcissistic. nocturnal renegade. obscene. overanalytical. party monster. poison girl. pretend groupie. pretty lush. pro -choice. punque rock. raises hell. REAL men wear make up. rock-n-roll sexual connoisseur. (s)AINT. scandlous. scared of the dark. selfish bitch. set fashion; not follow. she stays up all night. she walks softly but she carries a big gun. SHIOOT FIRST; ASK QUESTIONS LATER. skeptical. some assembly required. teenage christ. too fast for love. TRUST. unforgiving; unforgiven: unrepentant. untouchable. user friendly.</center>



30 seconds to mars, 69 eyes, aerosmith, afi, ashlee simpson, avril lavigne, birthday massacre, britney spears, christina aguliera, crossbreed, deadstar assembly, def leppard, depeche mode, dope, driving, emilie autumn, evanescence, faster pussycat, frankenstein dragqueens from planet 13, garbage, genitorturers, guns n roses, h.i.m., hole, jack off jill, kidney thieves, kill hannah, lacuna coil, linkin park, madonna, marilyn manson, mindless self indulgence, misfits, motley crue, murderdolls, mushroomhead, nine inch nails, no doubt, panic! at the disco, peppermint creeps, pigface, pitchshifter, placebo, poison, porcelain& the tramps, rammstein, retard-o-bot, rikets, rob zombie, she wants revenge, silverchair, slipknot, snake river conspiracy, static-x, stone sour,tears for fears, tenatious d, the cure, the darkness, the distillers, the gufs, the sounds, the used, the start, the rasmus, trashlight vision, videodrone, wednesday 13, zeromancer,


anchorman, big daddy, chasing amy, clueless, the craft, detroit rock city, domino
dont be a menace to society while drinkin' your juice in the hood, hedwig& the angry inch, long kiss goodnight, mallrats, party monster, pirates of the caribbean, requiem for a dream, rules of attraction, silence of the lambs, slackers, TANK GIRL

it's not a fashion statement

[[punque rock couture]]